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Meet The Team

We are incredibly proud of the curated team of expert professionals that make up The Beautique Spa. While we may be small in size we are big in heart. From the reception staff to the spa therapists this is a team that is the epitome of heartfelt hospitality. A team who take great pride in the work that they do. In their pursuit and passion for helping people through the power of touch, our team of therapists are not just masters of their craft, but are also warm, welcoming and empathetic in nature. This is ultimately what sets the tranquil tone and peaceful atmosphere synonymous with The Beautique Spa.

Tanya Mansfield

Spa Manager
BeautiqueSpa Ground photo JuliaDunin 180 Tanya studied in Cork College of Commerce where she started with a Complementary Health course and following this she went on to study Beauty Therapy, where she achieved great success and won Student of the Year in her final year of studies. Tanya is an incredible leader and excels in her role as Spa Manager at The Beautique Spa. Tanya is someone who values and respects everyone that she meets, and everyone that she works with. The personification of a great leader, she leads by example, she lives by her word. She adores being in the treatment room doing treatments as much as any therapist, while also thriving as a leader too, running the day to day of the spa and keeping her team motivated. Tanya has consciously cultivated a team and a work environment that allows everyone to thrive and be their best while also allowing ample room to be human. Tanya's strength as a therapist would quite literally be her strength, with a love for deep tissue massages, offering her clients the relief they need and maintenance between their physio sessions. Tanya is a firm believer in positive thinking and likes to bring this attitude to work with her to motivate her team and welcome guests with a smile. 

Rachel O'Malley

Assistant Spa Manager
BeautiqueSpa Ground photo JuliaDunin 201 Rachel is our Assistant Spa Manager, Senior Therapist and the proud recipient of the Irish Tatler Award for Best Therapist for three consecutive years. Rachel is also the treatment designer of GROUND Wellbeing rituals. Dedicated to all things wellness related, she loves providing people with the opportunity to be taken care of, to breathe easy, to release, and to set aside the world for a while. Her strengths are listening to & customizing for her clients. Rachel believes that the client is the expert of their own body, though sometimes they might need to help to tune in to what the body is saying through the power of touch. Thorough consultation and listening to her clients is where that all starts. She believes that the most powerful treatment a person can receive is the one that encourages them to slow down, to deepen their breathing, to truly switch off and to enter into a restful state and her favourite treatment would be an Indian Head Massage or The Ground Restorative Ritual. Stress isn’t something that lives in our head, it affects our whole body; physically, mentally and emotionally and Rachel believes that if we can acknowledge that, and allow ourselves to become more aware of how we really feel in our body that it can have a truly profound effect on our wellbeing. Ultimately the best tips for wellness are the things we will actually do, so start small. If in doubt, reach out for a helping hand.

Yvonne Houlihan

Senior Spa Therapist
BeautiqueSpa Ground photo JuliaDunin 106 Yvonne is the longest standing member of the spa team; over a decade and counting! A great achievement in itself. Yvonne completed her training in 2004 as a beauty therapist, and worked in salons for many years. She then joined The Beautique Spa team in 2010 where she continues to train and constantly upskill herself. Yvonne loves being a therapist mostly because of how she makes people feel, she understands how valuable the time spent in her treatment room is for her clients. No matter what stress they may have in life they can leave it at the door and just totally relax. One of her biggest strengths as a therapist is in treating everyone as an individual and talking to them about what they need and what they are hoping to achieve from their treatment time with her. One of her favourite treatments is The Restorative Ritual by Ground Wellbeing as it is completely different to any other treatment and it is such a relaxing one that everyone can benefit from. Her top self-care and wellbeing tip is to listen to your body, it is the greatest possession you will ever own. Yvonne emphasizes the importance of taking time to ask yourself how you are feeling regularly and to ensure you give yourself time, even if it is just one hour weekly. Above all else set time aside just for you. 

Karen Burns

Spa Therapist
BeautiqueSpa Ground photo JuliaDunin 147 Karen graduated as a Beauty Therapist with ITEC and Cidecso qualifications and began working with us after gaining valuable experience for a number of years in the spa industry. She loves welcoming people into the spa where they can switch off and enjoy time for themselves. A natural nurturer, her favourite part is seeing her clients completely relax from the moment she lays her hands on them and the treatment commences. “I felt like I was really being taken care of and treated with love from the therapist” These are the exact words one guest used to describe her time with Karen and there is no better way to describe her. A deeply caring and kind soul Karen will ensure your time with her is filled with care and compassion. One of her favourite treatments at The Beautique Spa is The Restorative Ritual by Ground Wellbeing which focuses on helping to relive tension and stress in the face, neck and scalp. This is a treatment that Karen has seen provide immediate relief and relaxation to her guests. She believes it is so important to take care of your body and mind by taking time out for yourself and spending time with loved ones. Karen has recently been shortlisted for Best Therapist at the IMAGE Beauty of Business Awards 2022.

Maria Michailova

Spa Therapist
BeautiqueSpa Ground photo JuliaDunin 94
From an early age Maria has been passionate about health and wellbeing. In fact she has been practicing yoga and learning about nutrition since her teenage years. Philosophy, herbalism, meditation and travelling have also been big interests throughout her life. Maria has always enjoyed meeting new people from different cultures and backgrounds too. Having completed her studies in Holistic Health in Cork college of Commerce, she says she knew that this was something she wanted to do for the rest of her life. This works allow Maria to combine both her love of meeting people and helping and supporting them on their wellbeing and healing journey. Being a spa therapist gave her that space where she can share her passion with people. Maria has previously lived in countries such as Lithuania, Spain and Ecuador and is multilingual and also speaks fluent Russian, and some Lithuanian and Spanish, and loves to use her language skills with international clients in The Beautique Spa. Her favourite treatments are Reflexology and The Ground Rituals. She loves how reflexology is an energy treatment that works the whole body through the pressure points on the feet, therefore making the treatment a truly holistic one. Maria adores how the aromatherapy oils in the GROUND rituals help to heal the body, mind & soul as well as the effect of the hands on massage too. In her free time Maria likes to practice yoga, dance, read and spend time in nature. Maria's favourite self care tip is to do more of the things that make you happy! We are all living busy lives and it is so important for our wellbeing to take time to nourish our mind, body and soul. Passionate in her pursuit to take care of each and every one of her guests Maria is regularly mentioned in glowing feedback from her guests, she is known for her customised and thoughtful treatments. Her warm caring energy is infectious & it is evident to see that she adores her career in Spa therapy.

Verónica Orellana

Spa Therapist
BeautiqueSpa Ground photo JuliaDunin 847
Verónica is the newest member of our team and was a Former national ballet dancer in Chile. While she may be new to our team she is a highly skilled wellness professional and brings with her an impressive array of experience. Verónica’s background is in Traditional Chinese Medicine and includes massage, Gua Sha and acupuncture. She is also a Yoga Instructor and has a Bachelor in Dance. This training has allowed her to provide the tools that her clients need to enhance self-knowledge through movement. She believes that the language of the human body is infinite and being a therapist allows her to connect to the person she is working on. Verónica has a natural ability to tap in to what the body needs, offering deeply therapeutic massage as well as gentle relaxation treatments.  She loves the Restorative Ritual by Ground Wellbeing; she was already very familiar with Gua Sha for the body but using Gua Sha on the face was a new technique for her. One that she is truly excited about. Verónica has an infectious spirit and smile, she is curious and eager to learn and continues to gives nothing but her best in her work as a therapist. A treatment with Verónica is always meaningful and memorable. A treatment led by intuition for and careful consideration of the needs of her clients. 


Holly Alderson

Spa Receptionist
BeautiqueSpa Ground photo JuliaDunin 30 Holly is one of our brilliant Spa Receptionists at The Beautique Spa who takes care of and welcomes all our guests from the moment they walk in the door of the spa. Holly has an endearing manner and a friendly charm about her that makes her perfectly suited to this role. Hardworking, bright and thoughtful Holly connected with our team immediately, she says that she loves working in such a relaxing environment amongst such a wonderful team. She is a firm believer in investing in your skin and knows the value and importance of having a good skincare routine. 

Sarah Hickey

Spa Supervisor
Sarah is our Spa Supervisor at The Beautique Spa who pours her heart and soul into her work. Sarah's natural kindness and empathy means that she takes the greatest care of all guests who walk into the spa. Her genuine friendliness and sense of humour have endeared her with many of our regulars. Nothing is too much to ask of Sarah and she will always be found going above and beyond to ensure our guests have the most memorable and relaxing experience at the spa. A true team player Sarah takes care of her team members in the spa just as much as the guests who visit us; a testament to her caring and thoughtful nature.