Our Values

Our Values

Our Mantra at Hayfield Family Collection is to Create Happiness, Be True and Do Exceptional. It is part of our internal culture and a fundamental part of our work ethos.

Our Values

Honourable- We are true hoteliers. This is embedded deep within us, yet we are constantly striving to master our craft. 

Personal- We are authentic and natural. A strong team comprised of individuals, each with our own way. 

Exceptional- We aim to be exceptional in everything that we do. Our commitment to the extraordinary means that at times we can be demanding and critical however we channel this positively and keep focused on improvement.

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Our Vision

At Hayfield Manor we are driven to deliver an unwavering 5 star experience to every guest that visits. Our Vision is to forge a lasting relationship with each guest who will in future return to Hayfield Manor for an experience they cannot get elsewhere.