Fitzgerald Park

Fitzgerald Park

Fitzgerald Park is conveniently posed just 10 minutes away from Hayfield Manor and 5 minutes from University College Cork, and stretches beside the River Lee.

Fitzgerald Park is an incredibly stunning nature filled park that is continuously visited by tourists and locals every day. Sitting beside the River Lee, the 18-acre park is brimming with green gardens, magnificent trees and blossoming flowers. It provides the perfect location for a day in the Spring and Summer months.

Playfully scattered throughout its Rose gardens that lie beside the River Lee are a variety of sculptures and statues. One of the most well-known sculptures within Fitzgerald Park is of Michael Collins by Seamus Murphy. Fitzgerald Park has a Playground for children and also a Café to grab a bite to eat or enjoy an ice-cream in the sun.

Fitzgerald Park is continuously used for public events and festivals because of its beautiful outdoor open stage area. It is also used for outdoor exercise and yoga classes that take place during the summer months.

Fitzgerald Park is home to The Cork Public Museum that presents to its visitors a variety of social, political, economic and municipal history of Cork. Displayed pieces within the museum date from the Mesolithic period onwards and help depict the origins of Cork culture to visitors and tourists.

Fitzgerald Park is home to the Sky Garden from the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show that stole first place and later found its new home in Cork City. The unique and quirky Sky Garden attracts numbers of visitors daily because of its incredibly special design that overlooks the River Lee and beautiful houses in the Sundays Well area.

Fitzgerald Park is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a beautiful scenic stroll in Cork.