The English Market

The English Market

The English Market is most certainly one of Cork’s most iconic shopping districts that is hidden deep in the heart of Cork City Centre between The Grande Parade and Princes Street. 

Daily, the market is hugely supported by local Corkonians as well as tourists who visit the trade district in admiration of it’s breath-taking interior design mouth-watering variety of fresh food. 

Since the visit of Queen Elizabeth II during her state visit in 2011, Charles, Prince of Wales in 2018 and the production of The Young Offenders Movie and television Series, the English market has become an incredibly busy and popular tourist attraction in Cork City.
The English Market is recognized for its display and trade of locally produced food and its stunning architecture, incredible culture, astounding history and old-fashioned interior. 

With a variety of fresh produce to offer, you are simply spoiled for choice. From an extraordinary range of freshly caught fish, beautiful home-grown fruit and vegetables, exquisite and unique chocolate stalls, quaint coffee docks, fresh meet stalls and delightful freshly baked breads and pastries, the English Market presents the ideal location in Cork to grab a bite to eat. 

Your trip to Cork City would not be complete without visit or a bite to eat at the English Market.