Friday, 30 October 2009

Happy Halloween

Our popular doorman, Louis (a.k.a. the face of Hayfield Manor!) is currently living it up in New York City. He's sadly missed by our guests, a large number of whom have remarked on his notable absence, and sorely missed by his colleagues - Jealous? Us? Never! We look forward to his return next week and his jolly morning greeting as we run in the door ducking raindrops!

Never fear though, in his absence there are a cluster of carved pumpkins keeping guard at the entrance! Not always lit (we're trying our best but that wind is persistent!) they are none the less a cheerful sight as you enter Hayfield Manor. Never known to let the weather dampen our spirits here at Hayfield Manor, you will meet a few ghoulish characters on some of the corridors!

Congratulations to Nuala Doolan, winner of our competition on Twitter. Nuala's quick response has been rewarded with a complementary room this Halloween Night........and we're hoping the rumors of hauntings are simply that for her sake.

Enjoy your Halloween Weekend, let us know of any costume ideas you're trying out this year, and fingers crossed the rain clears so the kiddies can enjoy a bit of trick or treat!