Thursday, 24 December 2009

Happy Christmas From Hayfield Manor

It's Christmas! It has to be THE most exciting time of year. I finally finished my shopping, but at 11.30p.m. last night! The pressure was on, but I got there, despite having to wait 20 minutes for a trolley in the supermarket! I was about to give up and just cook whatever was in the freezer for Christmas dinner - but burgers would not have been appreciated when brought to the table!

The excitement in the hotel is really building now. We had a number of our Christmas guests arrive yesterday, who are happily now relaxing and enjoying the festive atmosphere, and the remainder are joining us this evening - it's going to be a great Christmas with the Manor full of smiley happy people!

For all our guests traveling to us to today, we wish you a safe journey to us. The icey weather conditions are making the journey a bit slower, but on my drive in this morning the view was picture perfect - like the white winter wonderland that you expect to only see on a Christmas card. We are lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy such gorgeous scenery in this country.

Finally, on behalf of the Management and Staff of Hayfield Manor, I'm delighted to wish all our past, present and future guests a happy, peaceful and safe Christmas, and we loook forward to welcoming you to Hayfield Manor in 2010.

Warm Regards,


Sales Coordinator