Friday, 26 March 2010

Destination Cork

The sales team here at Hayfield Manor have spent a busy few weeks promoting not only Hayfield Manor, but Cork as a great destination for that much earned restful holiday or exciting city break.

Paul, our Assistant Director of Sales, spent a manic few days at some of London's train stations, with Tourism Ireland and some other colleagues in the tourism industry, promoting our destination to the 1000's of passers by. On the first morning alone, 3,000 information packs were distributed to people stopping to enquire - a phenomenal result for those participating.

Paul also represented Hayfield Manor at the Rediscover Cork show a couple of weeks ago in City Hall. Intended to raise awareness of all the wonderful things to see and do in Cork, as well as places to stay, eat and entertain, the exhibition was a great success, and anyone who took the time to stroll through on the day was sure to be impressed with the range of quality products available here on our doorstep. I've said it before and I'll say it again, who needs to go anywhere else?

I myself also spent a few days in London, at the Best of Britain and Ireland Show. Promoting to both consumers and travel agents, the 4 countries of England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales were all represented. During the event, one trend began to emerge...... everyone stopped into Ireland first! Nothing to do with location within the exhibition, but rather the great atmosphere created on the stand by the people present, passionate about their destination and it's value as a holiday destination. Also, Tourism Ireland had taken tremendous care to ensure that the Ireland exhibition was colourful, inviting, exciting, and above all informative, it was sure to be a success. We even entertained the crowds with a band of Bag Pipers, Irish dancers and traditional musicians on St. Patricks Day, it was a great event.

So after a busy few weeks we are settled back into the office, to face the next few busy weeks. With the days finally growing sunnier and more importantly longer, we are all looking forward to the next few weeks with a renewed energy.

Michelle Cantwell

Sales Executive