Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A Bed for a Poem

Congratulations to Stephanie McCarthy, the winner of our 'Frightening Competition'. Stephanie's poem has won her an overnight stay at Hayfield Manor this Halloween night. Hopefully Stephanie will enjoy her stay at Hayfield Manor, and here for your appreciation is her winning poem.

Halloween in Cork


It's that time of year in dear Cork City,

Where you'll find the Lee and not the Liffey,

Where you'll get a fair fright, in the still of hte night,

if you hear the banshee humming so lighy.


In old Leap Castle, I know it so well,

and Cork City Gaol in Sunday's Well,

You'll never know whay you may find,

how many spirits are left behind?


The English Market holds many a surprise,

In the still of the night, how many ghosts may rise?

And Blarney Castle, so hidden and great,

holds many a secret inside its gate.


Many a hero, so gallant and true,

wondered Cork City, I could name a few,

but if I started, I'd never end,

for when in Cork City, you're considered a friend.