Friday, 16 March 2012

Fitness 2012 - Maintaining your Routine.

I hope you have been following the plan and at this stage you should be up to running two x 8 minute runs. The aim for the next month is to get up to 20 minutes without stopping. The key to the running is keeping it consistent. You have to maintain the routine of going 3 times a week. It is only with this practice that you will improve. Also, you will build up your legs and condition them for running.


Another major aspect of the running is to maintain an even pace. Sometimes it’s easy to go a little too fast at the start and then you find that you feel like stopping. Always be able to say a few words and at least then you know you will be able to maintain that pace.


The plan for the following 4 weeks is:

Wk 1: Run 10 min/walk 3 min/run 10 min
Wk 2: Run 15 min
Wk 3: Run 18 min
Wk 4: Run 20 min


If you follow this plan, in 8 weeks you will have achieved running 20 mins. This will burn 200-250 calories and doing this 3 times a week will mean you’re burning 600-750 calories. Keeping the routine of the running will mean you will have more energy and feel better about your day. Running helps to keep your mind focused for the challenges you have in work and also in your personal life. I find that the routine of running keeps everything under control both in work and life in general.  Follow the plan and enjoy the challenge.  


Gillian O'Sullivan