Thursday, 13 June 2013

Dad a Day Number 4-Executive Head Chef Graham Campbell

Featuring Executive Head Chef Graham Campbell
Proud Father of Two Daughters,
 Lauren 3 and Grace 10 weeks old

What are your memories of Father's Day with your own Dad?

I don’t think fathers day really existed back when I was younger,but every weekend my father and myself would head off to watch Aberdeen play where every they were playing in Scotland, so we got a lot of time together. Out of our love of sport we became great friends, even to this day my dad is my best friend.
What is your Favourite thing about being a Dad?

Just the fact that however hard a day I have had in the kitchen,as soon as I walk in the door and my eldest daughter (my youngest is only 10 weeks old) runs up to give me a hug,you just forget about everything that has been on your mind and you just want to spend time with you kids.
What is your Favourite way to spend the day as a Dad now?

I get great fun out of doing work round the house, an example is like last week we decided to paint the back wall as a family and we painted pictures on it before we did it properly. I have to say their was more paint on us than on the wall. Anything like that, that gives me memories to look back on is a great day spent with the family.

Graham & his team will be russeling up some of his favourite dishes for this comming Fathers Day the 16th June. Why not pop into Hayfield Manor and sample some of his speciality dishes! For bookings please call 0214845900.