Friday, 14 June 2013

Our 5th Dad of the Day is Joe Scally proprieter of Hayfield Manor.

Featuring Proprietor Joe Scally

Proud Father of Annemarie, Mark, Brian & Claire

& Enthusiastic Granddad to 2 year old Marie-Claire


What are your memories of Father's Day with your own Dad?


I originally came from a farming background and a big family so there was plenty of competition for my father’s attention! To be honest Father's Day as it now exists was not a feature of our lives but we all loved spending time on the farm with my Dad. Whether it was being the one (of 8 boys!) to be chosen to share a seat in the tractor or to help load the churns for the creamery, we just loved being around him. 


What is your Favourite thing about being a Dad?

It is very rewarding being involved in your children's lives. Now that they are grown up, my children and I interact more than ever as we have shared hobbies and passions. In truth, they are now friends who I really enjoy spending time with. Thankfully, they all love the hospitality industry and work in our family business but we never talk shop at home. 


What is your Favourite way to spend the day as a Dad now? 

 After many years of working in the hotel industry and being otherwise occupied on Father's Day, Easter, Christmas and so on, I now fully enjoy the opportunity to just have lunch with the family or maybe play golf or go out on a hike. Of course, any minute spent with my Granddaughter Marie Claire is precious - she's the apple of my eye! 

If you would like to spend some quality time with your Father or Grandfather on Father's Day, why not spend some quality time together in Hayfield Manor. For any Reservations please call 0214845900.