Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Dad a Day Number One-Featuring our General Manager-Ettienne Van Vrede & Daughter MarieClaire, 2 years

Dad-a-Day Number One:

Featuring our General Manager

Ettienne Van Vrede

& Daughter Marie Claire, 2 years

* What are your memories of Father's Day with your own Dad?

I have two younger brothers so we alway tried to make a big fuss of our Dad-in a typically understated male way! Sometimes active like a cycle or an outdoor adventure always went down well. He loves a nice glass of red wine so that was a good fall back gift!

* What is your favourite thing about being a Dad?

It is the most rewarding experience having this little person love you ad know that you are their hero - for a few years anyway i Hope! When they are this young, every new thing they learn is amazing

* What is your favourite way to spend Father's Day now?

Traditionally, it's a very busy day in the hotel so I have always worked for it. Now, more than ever since I have become a Dad i appreciate my Sunday off to spend with my daughter. She loves been outdoors and being South African, my ideal would be to share a BBQ outside.... or Brai as we like to call it.