Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Dad a Day Number Two-Featuring our Head Porter- Audrius & Son Harold, 3 years in June

Dad-a-Day Number Two:

Featuring our Head Porter

Audrius & Son Harold, 3 years in June

* What are your Memories of Father's Day with your own Dad?

My favourite memory is going fishing with my father and brothers which was typically a boy's day out to bond with Dad!

* What is your favourite thing about being a Dad?

It is crazy that you have a little person, who relies so heavily upon you for 18 years of their lives. But the reward is: the love and adoration I receive from the moment Harold wakes up until the time he goes to bed which is priceless.

* What is your favourite way to spend Father's Day now?

So far nothing has been arranged. However it is tradition to get breakfast in bed. After that, just spending the day with my family and being able to spend quality time together is an extra bonus