Friday, 11 November 2016

Hayfield Manor Diffusers

Hayfield Manor Diffuser
We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with local candle maker and perfumery, La Bougie, to create the perfect scent for our very own Hayfield Manor diffusers.


The scent chosen for the diffusers is the very pleasant Kaffir Lime and Samphire. These two chosen ingredients are also featured on the Orchids menu, Hayfield Manor's signature restaurant, therefore we felt that these were the perfect ingredients to create a wonderful aroma.

 La Bougie, based in the beautiful KInsale, launched in 2012 and has achieved tremendous success proving very popular among candle connoisseaurs and perfume lovers. The diffusers are created entirely by skilled perfumer Lucy Hagerty using prized aromatics and botanical oils from around the globe.

 These luxury diffuser are available for purchase at Hayfield Manor for €29.50. This is the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one this festive season and are sure to fill your home with a sensational scent!