Best Place for Baby Showers

Baby Showers

Celebrate the imminent arrival of a new baby with a bespoke baby shower at Hayfield Manor. Organise a special day out for an expecting wife, sister or friend and treat Mum-to-be to a stylish, relaxing celebration in advance of motherhood. Long, lazy afternoons are the ideal time to host a baby shower and we would be delighted assist you create a baby shower that keeps Mum-to-be smiling for the day!

Reserve a table or a private room and indulge in Afternoon Tea, a Lady's Lunch or Evening Meal. Relax amongst family and friends, enjoy indulgent dining and catch ups while toasting Mum & Bump's health at your bespoke Baby Shower.

Consult with your dedicated Events Coordinator and ensure that a memorable Baby Shower is created, featuring Mum-to-be's favourite treats.

We would be delighted to discuss what you envisage for a perfect baby shower.

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