Cúram & Folláine by The Beautique Spa

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Care & Wellness- A bespoke ritual designed to release tension & encourage a natural state of well-being. Designed by our expert team of therapists, this distinct massage treatment will release your body from its tired, tense state, while encouraging a refreshed & replenished state of being. Beginning with a soothing foot soak and gentle breathwork, allowing both you and your therapist to recentre and begin your journey together. Utilizing the powerful aromatherapy blends of Ground Wellbeing, this hands on massage treatment will be customized to alleviate the stress, worry or tension held in your upper body with particular focus on the back, neck, shoulders, hands and arms. The treatment comes to completion with a face and scalp massage using massage and gua sha techniques.
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Please note that we recommend you to book your Spa experience at least 4-6 weeks in advance should you prefer a weekend date.